A few of you have been in touch recently regarding Understory vinyl shipping, so I feel it’s worth clarifying that I don’t actually post the vinyl myself. While all my releases appear to fall under my direct control on Bandcamp, they’re actually administrated by their respective labels, who then link their release pages with my artist page. It’s all very cool and very useful, but its opacity also leads to some confusion about who does what regarding physical release fulfillment.

So please bear with us while we continue to negotiate the general pandemonium that still exists among internation postage services due to Covid measures and staffing problems. It’s difficult to offer precise delivery estimates and make promises at the moment, so all I ask is for a little patience while your releases are shipped out. If you have any concerns about your orders, please direct these to the labels in question. Thanks, Chris.

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.